Monday, March 1, 2010

Vox Populi: Results

The votes are in, and clearly those of you who read this little chronicle are well-versed in the dangers of quicksilver. Although Alisdair stubbornly maintains his attachment to exanthemata mostly ending in ulcerations, for my part I agree with the judgment of the masses. After all, it is nigh inevitable that one raking properly will contract Syphilis: that unholy child borne of Salomé and sired by the Devil himself. It is also very likely that he will have recourse to the older wisdom of using iodide of potassium and mercury to treat this ailment, as those of our tribe are inherently distrustful of these quack charlatans who go around with "M.D." affixed to their names these days. Besides, who would not be proud to die in the company of Stendhal, Schubert, de Maupassant and de Toulouse-Lautrec?

Of course, because I recognize the pitfalls of mercurial cures, I would not use it to combat syphilis, even if I had it. That's right--par la grâce de Dieu, I have thus far avoided contracting that awful bug. You must excuse me now, though. It's time for me to daily my daily dose of Radithor for my St. Denis' Fire.

Results of Poll: 21 February - 28 February 2010

What is the rake's most common medical woe?
Total Votes: 60

Syphilis: 18 (30%)
Mercury poisoning, as a result of trying to cure the syphilis: 23 (38.3%)
Exanthemata mostly ending in ulcerations: 6 (10%)
Consumption: 13 (21%)

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